Sharing Our Journeys: Jean Player, Venice

Family Gondola Ride in Venice Jean Player

Venice, Italy

My family and I traveled to Venice, Italy in April 2013. Arriving at the Piazzale Roma by bus from the airport, we took a wrong turn and promptly got lost! But it was a beautiful afternoon and we were happy to wander until we could orient our location to our map and find our hotel. Walking the narrow streets past centuries-¬≠old buildings; catching glimpses of magnificent facades along the Grand Canal; passing by a bride and groom walking hand in hand; I felt like I was in a dream! Our last day in Venice, we rode a gondola at sunset. I noticed the initials “AP” on the paneling and asked the gondolier about it. To our amazement, the gondolier owner and my daughter have the same initials! The entire trip was absolutely enchanting.