threads of joy

Candlelight Christmas at Old South

Candlelight Christmas 2021
December 10, 2021, 8:00 pm
Old South Church

645 Boylston Street
Boston MA 02116

Map • Phone: 617-267-7442

December 12, 2021, 3:00 pm
Old South Church

645 Boylston Street
Boston MA 02116

Map • Phone: 617-267-7442

Chorus pro Musica returns LIVE and in-person for Candlelight Christmas 2021!

To allow for physical distancing, we will hold two concerts this year with the sanctuary at reduced capacity.

COVID Protocols

For the safety of the performers and audience members, all audience members ages 12 and over are required to show proof of full vaccination prior to entry, and are required to wear a mask AT ALL TIMES, while in and near the building. Full vaccination means you have completed the full course of shots at least two weeks prior to the date of the performance you’re attending.

Children ages 5 and older are eligible to attend the performance with an adult if they can show proof of their first vaccine dose. Children ages 4 and under are not permitted to attend the performances. For proof of vaccination, audience members may present their vaccination card or a photo of the card.

Please note that Chorus pro Musica has also required vaccination proof and masking for all singers, staff, soloists and players throughout rehearsals this season, and for these performances. Anyone with symptoms of COVID is asked to please stay home to avoid potential spread.

Under the protection of covid vaccines and special singer masks, Chorus pro Musica is thrilled to have made a grand return to Old South Church to rehearse, once again, in person. It has been a delight to see familiar faces (well, familiar eyes and hairstyles) and welcome new members as we prepare for our first traditional concert in two years.

This year’s program will feature new pieces, holiday favorites, and more! We will be joined by Old South Church organist Mitchell Crawford, soprano Deborah Selig, baritone David McFerrin, violinist Sarita Uranovsky, and others.

This year’s theme is “threads of joy.” We are still making our way cautiously through the pandemic and other global issues, but we are here, trying to “thread” our way through as best we can.

The piece “Threads of Joy,” composed by Dale Trumbore with text from a Laura Foley poem, asks, “I have noticed joy, how it threads below the darkness. Have you seen it too?”

We at CpM have witnessed incredible, enormous joy despite nearly two years of darkness. Gathering together, in a variety of ways, has been a bright spot and we are ready to share it with you.

Seniors over age 65 get 10% off: select the “Senior” ticket in the price menu

Ages 30 and under get $10 tickets from Price B or Price C only: select the “Under 30” ticket in the price menu

EBT/SNAP recipients: please reply to this email or otherwise contact Chorus pro Musica to arrange discounted tickets