Joseph Haydn: The Creation

with the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra and soloists

June 2, 2012, 8:00 pm
Jordan Hall

New England Conservatory
30 Gainsborough Street
Boston MA 02115

Map • Phone: (617) 267-7442

One of the most popular oratorios by any composer and indisputably one of Hadyn’s greatest works, The Creation vividly depicts the creation of the world in seven days as described in the biblical Book of Genesis and in Milton’s classic Paradise Lost. Haydn’s evocation of the primordial chaos is a triumph of orchestral writing, and his depiction of the creation of light is a thrilling tour de force. The chorus, soloists and orchestra bring forth awesome, touching and sometimes amusing pictures of floods, forests, the sun and moon, animals from insects to whales, and finally Adam and Eve. The scope and creative energy are astounding.

Performed with full orchestra and featured soloists Mary Wilson, soprano; Zachary Wilder, tenor; and Paul Guttry, baritone. Chorus pro Musica shone new light on this masterpiece with a specially created video presentation by UK video artist Joss Sessions.

Boston Musical Intelligencer: “The choral finales to days three (“The Heavens are Telling”) and six (“Achieved is the Glorious Work”) were some of the most dramatic and nuanced choral singing I have heard in Jordan Hall. Burleigh chose to have the singers stand “hashed” (sopranos/basses mixed on stage right and altos/basses mixed on stage left) and achieved an excellent blend. Although the chorus held scores, they didn’t seem to need them. The most exciting moments were those sections in which the full power and majesty of the voices were unleashed, still displaying nuanced phrasing.”