Introducing CpM@Home

It sure has been quiet around here. While we miss seeing our members and preparing stellar performances to share with you, we are glad to be practicing proper social distancing and playing...

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Anthracite Tales, Part 3

Julia Wolfe’s oratorio Anthracite Fields moves from buried darkness—“the black hell”—of coal forming underground and a roll call of martyred miners toward radiant light—garden flowers intoned by women’s voices and...

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Anthracite Tales, Part 2

CpM alto Sophie Crafts is on her way to visit the anthracite region in Pennsylvania. Read along as she shares her Anthracite Tales. On Friday, I will be as close...

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Anthracite Tales, Part 1

Jean Croll, one of Chorus pro Musica's altos, and her family come from Pottsville—the heart of Pennsylvania's anthracite coal region. This blog series, “Anthracite Tales,” gives snapshots of life in...

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Czech our pronunciation!

Ros Cresswell, a member of CpM’s alto section since 2003, reflects on the joys and challenges of singing in multiple and often unfamiliar languages.